Compression moulding lets us mass produce two- and three-dimensional items. As a rule, any substance that can be heated, pressed and cooled is usable. Thermoformable foam, fiber or composites can provide the basis for the desired product. Thus, we can thermoform flexible products (such as nonwoven felt), semi-rigid items (such as polyethylene foam composites laminated with knits, vinyl, etc.) and even rigid parts such as plastic foam and other composite materials.

Cutting and packaging

We are cutting specialists. Our main cutting process uses machined dies. Die punching makes us efficient and cost effective. It all depends on the material and the project, but we can cut several layers quickly.

We cut insoles, which we package, and many other objects from which the foam is used for a range of packaging to protect fragile and valuable items during shipping. We have the necessary machinery and workforce to handle all your cutting projects. Doing business with us will save you time and money.

Printing and customization

We rely on several methods to customize your products. Hot stamping directly transfers your logo or other image onto your products, in multiple colours. Silk screening limits us to a single colour but can apply cutting lines for foam rubber soles or show your trademark. The large-surface transfer technique onto polyester-based textiles offers great flexibility limited only by your imagination. When a project uses the compression moulding process, we can emboss whatever representative shape you want.

Products can be simply packaged in printed bags or inserted in customized boxes. We have everything necessary to add hooks, product information strips and bar codes to facilitate management and placement by merchants.

Count on us to offer you the process best suited to your customization project, in line with your budget.