As a renowned specialist in this sector for generations, our company has earned a reputation as one of the largest, most responsible and reliable suppliers in the footwear industry. Whether safety shoes, western, military or recreational boots, or any orthopedic products, we are here to serve. From raw materials for manufacture to conversion for specific requirements, our products are on the cutting edge of technology in this industry.

As a supplier of packaged products, we lead the North American market. We specialize in the cutting of thermal soles, felt, foam rubber and comfortable cushions. Our felt is a high-quality Canadian raw material. The chemical diversity of foams lets us meet all specifications. Our printing methods let us apply our customer’s logo, label cutting areas, or provide an attractive, customized, colourful appearance.

We supply North American and European distributors who meet demand from merchants. Our products are everywhere even if our company name is not on the package. Our partners, distributors and customer always represent us well.

Our thermoforming equipment lets us manufacture removable insoles perfectly contoured to the inside of the shoe. Our insoles are used by Canadian and British soldiers. We can handle mass production as well as demand for orthopedic products. Comfort materials, reinforcement materials, and those for ready-to-wear in all its forms are available from us.