As a family firm with roots in Canada, we can provide a range of services such as cutting, conversion of flexible materials, thermoform compression moulding, raw materials, and packaging. We are known for our expertise, know-how and innovative spirit, as well as the quality of our raw materials. Our demanding organizational culture and professionalism set us apart.

We manufacture a long and varied list of items for the footwear, sports equipment, recreational transportation, public security, filtration and other industries. We fabricate many parts with materials such as textiles, foams, plastics, rubber and cork. We are industrial manufacturers. Most of our customers also process and produce consumer goods. We serve customers in North America, Europe and even Asia.

Our company acts as a consultant, designer and developer. We are partners in product development, creation and performance. We produce composite products with customers who have specific requests and seek properties inherent in certain materials. We are always open to new customized and innovative projects.

We are a trusted supplier and our customers are consistently satisfied with and recognize the quality of our raw materials. Our stock of textiles, foams, polymers, cork, reinforcing tape and many other materials, raw or processed, is available in rolls or sheets.