We have many materials in stock for our production needs, available for your projects. We can provide you with raw, laminated or modified materials that meet your specifications. Products are available in rolls, sheets, moulded or cut as you require. We will be pleased consult with you and identify the right product most suited to obtaining the best results. The variety of products we have in stock or available from our partners will surprise you.


Foam is an extremely varied product in terms of chemical composition, performance and qualities. The first question to be asked is always the same: “What will it be used for?” Answering this question determines the right product that meets the desired specifications and can do the job.

The characteristics of modular capacity, flexibility, rigidity, double density, comfort and memory as well as laminate, composite, breathable, anti-static and other materials will determine the structure of polyethylene, polyurethane, EVA, latex, neoprene, rubber, ETA, reticulated, open or closed cell foams, and much more.


Use of textiles is crucial in our sectors. Knits, woven and non-woven fabrics are available in rolls. These can be converted by laminating them to other materials, self-adhesive films, creating biases, cutting them into reinforcing tape, or making a product tailored to your specifications.

Needled felts are used in filtration, sports equipment, commercial or military hot soles, and decoration in the furniture and industrial design sectors. This unwoven material is easy to convert and often associated with composites.

Synthetic, natural or blended fibres offer a host of possibilities. Appearance, performance, strength, elasticity, absorption, as well as water-repellent, antibacterial and antifungal characteristics all guide your projects.

Polymers and plastics

We have partners attentive to our conversion needs who contribute to the execution of our projects. The chemical components are chosen based on the objectives that must be met. Meeting requirements for modeling, lightweight, performance, resistance, as well as certain specifications is common for us and necessary to effectively target the ideal product.

Plastic material is a blend containing at least one polymer. It can be moulded and shaped hot or under pressure, to obtain a product or item for the customer. We perform thermoforming and cutting for some projects. We rely on this material in particular to generate integral components of other parts such as helmet shields, bicycle bag saddles, etc. We also sell plastic in sheets of various colours and thicknesses.


Cork is available in several forms. We have a mixture with a cork base for padding in shoes. Welting, often called the Goodyear or reverse welt, is a technique used in good quality shoes. Our cork is used to produce these shoes.

We mould half and three-quarter soles for the orthopedic sector. Cork is a very useful top-quality material for orthopedists in their profession. It is not only more comfortable but also indispensable in this field.

Cork laminated to cotton is ideal for cut and packaged soles found in department stores. Depending on the thickness, this product is available in sheets or rolls.

Reinforcing tape and self-adhesive films

Fabric or unwoven coatings with either pressure-sensitive adhesive or a self-adhesive film are extensively used in making shoes, sports equipment and other operations requiring reinforcement of any part. These materials are available in rolls and sheets. Just tell us the size you need.

Reinforcing tape is also available in several textile constructions. From polyester, nylon, and cotton to blends such as nylon-cotton, all these materials are used to add body or reinforce a product where a need arises. A full line of materials is available to reinforce around eyelets, stitching or for other technical products.


With years of experience, the team at Les Entreprises PN Farrar Inc. has developed a host of products of almost unlimited compositions that can be customized for specific needs. We have contributed to our customers’ growth and success. We continue to be attentive and respond with solutions and improvements, for the benefit of our partners. Tell us what you’re thinking of and we’ll develop it with you, help you build it. We will convert it for you and achieve success with you.