Our Values

Like a leitmotif, our company’s values motivate, inspire and guide us. We spare no effort to respect, honour and defend these values in our daily work.

Respect for the primacy of people

At Les Entreprises PN Farrar, we treat our customers with courtesy and consideration. We are active listeners and show our customers diplomacy, tact, empathy and humility. We maintain a healthy work atmosphere.

Honesty, integrity and reliability

Openness, authenticity and doing the right thing are our watchwords. In the course of their relationships, duties and decisions, our employees are honest, discrete and open, fair and equitable.

A sense of responsibility

We have a sense of responsibility, answering for and owning our actions and decisions. We make a point of carrying out our obligations.


We are determined to provide excellent service accessible and adapted to our customers. We respond to their requests with courtesy and diligence, consistently providing them with products of the highest quality. We take pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations. We build bonds of trust with our partners. Our after-sales service is among the best in the market.


Managers and employees all pitch in, cooperating in a spirit of mutual assistance so we can all attain our goals.